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Welcome to the Department of Animal and Food Sciences

The Oklahoma State University Department of Animal and Food Sciences offers two majors and 12 study options. Students have access to food processing facilities and our farms, which house beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, swine, goats, sheep, and poultry. Our faculty members conduct cutting-edge research in ruminant and non-ruminant nutrition, meat and food science, genetics, physiology, animal health, and sustainability.

ANSI News Stories

2018 OSU Judging Teams Win “Triple Crown” National Championships
Oklahoma State University is known for the excellence of its judging team program, having earned more national championships than any other university. This year, the performance of the teams was beyond phenomenal; they made history at OSU.
A Legen-dairy Life: David Jones
David Jones was born and raised on a dairy. He served as herd manager for the Oklahoma State University Ferguson Family Dairy Center for 23 years until his recent retirement in October of 2018. During his time at OSU, he has gone above and beyond the duties of his position to help OSU students, producers, and youth with his dairy expertise.
New Facility Will Expand Capabilities of Animal Nutrition and Physiology Research
Oklahoma State University is in the early stages of developing a new facility for animal nutrition and physiology research. The new construction will replace the current facility and continue to provide a controlled environment for large animal research. The facility will provide many needed updates and expanded capabilities, including designated areas for poultry and fish.
Totusek Lectureship Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Teacher. Mentor. Storyteller. Researcher. Livestock evaluator. Family man. Department head. Robert (Bob) Totusek was known by many different titles during his career with Oklahoma State University. Even though he is no longer with us, his legacy is alive and well on the campus. One event keeping his legacy thriving is the Totusek Lectureship. This year, the lectureship celebrated its 25th anniversary on November 2nd.
Big 3 Field Days Break Record Attendance
The 2018 Oklahoma State University Sheep, Beef, and Swine Field Days were again an incredible showcasing of all that OSU and the department of animal and food sciences has to offer. In fact, they were perhaps the most successful, most well-attended Big 3 Field Days on record in its 32 year history.
Homecoming 2018
Many of our clubs participated in competitions throughout the Homecoming week. Students worked hard on signs, parade floats, chili recipes, and window paintings as they showed pride for Oklahoma State University.

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The Department of Animal and Food Sciences (AFS) offers two majors and 12 study options. It is one of the largest departments on campus, but with a small town feel, a caring attitude, and a commitment to every student.


101 Animal Science Building
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078


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