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Ranjith Ramanathan

Ranjith Ramanathan; Oklahoma State University; Department of Animal and Food Sciences; Faculty Page; Meat Science; Food Science; Research

Dr. Ranjith Ramanathan


Associate Professor

Office: 206D Animal Science

Phone: 405.744.9260



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Dr. Ranjith Ramanathan is an associate professor in our department. He currently teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses, including the fundamentals of food science, food chemistry I, food chemistry II, analysis of food products, and advanced meat science.


Dr. Ramanathan's long-term research goal is to better understand the role of postmortem meat biochemistry to increase both the body of knowledge and economic benefits associated with improvements in muscle food appearance, particularly beef color. His research focuses on both fundamental and applied aspects of beef quality to better understand beef color issues. His research interests include:

  • Application of metabolomics to better understand meat quality changes
  • Understanding the mechanism of failure to bloom in dark-cutting beef
  • Myoglobin chemistry to understand metmyoglobin reducing activity and bloom
  • Cooked color defect
  • Role of mitochondria in beef color
  • Myoglobin and lipid oxidation
  • Antioxidants on mitochondrial function

About Dr. Ramanathan

Dr. Ranjith Ramanathan grew up in the Southern part of India and received his bachelor of veterinary and animal science from Kerala Agricultural University. Ranjith then moved to the United States, received his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in animal science from the University of Connecticut.

Since 2012, he has been a faculty member in the Oklahoma State University Department of Animal and Food Sciences. He is an associate professor with 65% teaching and 35% research appointments. Dr. Ramanathan’s research focus on both fundamental and applied factors that influence fresh meat quality; more specifically on the postmortem biochemistry and meat color. Dr. Ramanathan has secured a total of $1.4 million as a PI and Co-PI from federal agencies, commodity groups, and industry. In addition, he has published 47 peer-reviewed journal articles, 72-refereed abstracts, 1 book chapter, and 4 full-paper conference proceedings. Ranjith is married to Anjana and lives with his family in Stillwater. They have three children.

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