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Ravi Jadeja

Ravi Jadeja; Oklahoma State University; Department of Animal and Food Sciences; Faculty Page; Food Safety; Food Science; Extension

Dr. JadejaContact

Assistant Professor

Food Safety Specialist

Office: 106 FAPC

Phone: 405.744.3922



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About Dr. Jadeja

Ravi Jadeja serves as food safety specialist and assistant professor in the Oklahoma State University Department of Animal and Food Sciences. During the past several years, Dr. Jadeja focused his attention on the development of strategies to control foodborne pathogens and to improve the safety and quality of a variety of food products at pre- and post-harvest levels.

This tenure-track faculty position is 70 percent teaching and 30 percent extension related to food safety. The principle responsibilities include teaching and outreach programs in Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points, food safety, food security and Global Food Safety Initiative platforms.

His overall goal is to work with faculty members and experts to develop a well-recognized and strong food safety option program, which trains and prepares students for food safety related jobs in the food industry after graduation.

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