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Animal Science Major

Oklahoma State University; Department of Animal and Food Sciences; Animal Science Degree Program; Animal Science Major; Agricultural Communications; Agricultural Education; Animal Biotechnology; Business; Livestock Merchandising; Pre-Veterinary; Production; Ranch Operations; Career in Animal Science

Animal science is one of the largest majors on campus and the largest within the College of Agricultural and Natural Resources. Animal science is the science and business of domestic animals, including companion animals and livestock species (horses, beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, swine and poultry). Within our animal science major, a student can study health, production, merchandising, biotechnology, education, operations, communications, or business.

Our department offers an excellent pre-vet option and directs the pre-professional course preparation for veterinary medicine. We also have degree plans available for students interested in pre-professional health, nursing, and law.

Our department has prominent judging teams. Together, they have earned more national championships than any other university in the country.  We also have fully-functioning farms and hands-on teaching facilities encompassing 13,000 acres, which many other universities cannot provide.

Degree Options

Within animal science, you have the opportunity to select from one of eight degree options (predefined emphasis area) so that your plan of study meets your needs.



  • Animal Biotechnology
    Acquire a strong science foundation and learn how innovative technologies are used in animal agriculture.


  • Business
    Understand the financial concepts of animal agriculture and how to apply those concepts efficiently and effectively.


  • Pre-Veterinary
    Complete pre-veterinary requirements and obtain a degree in animal science.


  • Production
    Learn the science and production practices of beef, horse, goat, poultry, sheep, swine and dairy operations for a career in production agriculture.


  • Ranch Operations
    Study ranching and beef cattle production, focusing on cow-calf and stocker management and forage production, including range management.

Frequently Asked Questions

This video was made by students in the Animal Science Capstone course.

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