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Animal Biotechnology

Animal Science Major; Animal Biotechnology Degree Option; Oklahoma State University; Department of Animal Science

The animal biotechnology degree option offered through the animal science major provides students with a strong foundation in science and research and teaches them about innovative technologies used in animal agriculture. Animal biotechnology involves the use of genetics, molecular biology, genomics, breeding, and bioinformatics to develop practical commercial products and technology to improve livestock production efficiency and reduce the spread of diseases.

Our department believes it is important for undergraduate students to have research opportunities. Students can get hands-on learning with animal science research projects through various programs, including our department's undergraduate research program.

The curriculum includes core classes and more science based courses. The animal biotechnology option is ideal for students wanting to continue their academic pursuits and seek an advanced degree (i.e., Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy). Students can also include courses that make them eligible to apply for medical, physical therapy, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, or graduate school.



Cutting-Edge Facilities

Animal science students will have access to our research and teaching facilities, which cover almost 13,000 acres.

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