Animal Science Major; Production Degree Option; Oklahoma State University; Department of Animal Science

The production degree option within the animal science major is an excellent degree choice for students interested in animal production careers ranging from live animal production to meat processing and sales. The production option gives students the flexibility to gain experience in a wide range of areas, including all livestock species, range management, entomology, and meat production. Students can also attend graduate school in several areas of animal science.

Students should consider the production option if they want to enhance their knowledge of livestock production from farm to fork. The production option provides students with a better understanding of livestock production and management systems, as well as business model designs for a variety of operations. The production option has a moderate amount of chemistry required and has a good balance between basic and applied animal science courses.



Cutting-Edge Facilities

Animal science students will have access to our research and teaching facilities, which cover almost 13,000 acres.

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