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Ranch Operations

Animal Science Major; Ranch Operations Degree Option; Oklahoma State University; Department of Animal Science

The ranch operation degree option prepares students to manage a commercial ranch or work in public service in ranch/range management. In this option, students will study range management, ranching, and beef cattle production with a focus on cow-calf and stocker management and forage production.

Students should consider ranch operations if they want to manage a ranch or are interested in working with ranchers or landowners to provide technical input. Often, ranch operations graduates are qualified to apply for rangeland conservationist positions with the Natural Resources Conservation Service in the USDA.

The ranch operation option curriculum combines beef cow and stocker management courses with forage and range management courses from other departments, along with basic ag business management courses.



Cutting-Edge Facilities

Animal science students will have access to our research and teaching facilities, which cover almost 13,000 acres.

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