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Breeds of Livestock - Angeln Cattle

Breeds of Livestock - Angeln Cattle


angeln-web-1.jpgThe Angeln may have existed for over 5000 years in Germany. In Angeln, the northern part of Schleswig-Holstein (near the Danish border), they were first mentioned in writings in about 1600. The planned breeding of the breed has been practiced since 1830.

The Angeln is known for producing milk of high butterfat content. The current breeding aim is 9000 kg of milk with 4.8 % fat and 3.8 % protein. The fully grown cows should reach about 140 – 145 cm height and should reach a live weight of 650 kg. It is smaller than the Danish Red, with cows averaging 550 kg and bulls 900 kg. Cows stand 129 cm, while bulls stand 143 cm. Average yields are 5,200 kg of 4.6% milk per lactation.

The breed characteristics are

  • a very economic relationship between total feed input and milk yield
  • a high content of milk solids
  • easy calving
  • low calf losses

The 2002 herdbook averages are 7570 kg milk 4.81 % fat, 364 kg fat, 3.62% protein, 274 kg protein.

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Dr. Heiner Kahle and Claus-Peter Tordsen, Germany


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