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Breeds of Livestock - Bachaur Cattle

Breeds of Livestock - Bachaur Cattle



The Bachaur appears to belong to the group of shorthorned white or light-gray cattle. The breed has very close similarity to the Hariana breed. Some think it may be a deteriorated strain of the Hariana. The breed is well-known for its draft qualities and ability to thrive with lower quality feeds. The breed is found in the Bachaur and Koilpur subdivisions of the Sitamarhi district of Bihar State, India.


The Bachaur are compact with straight backs, well-rounded barrels, short necks and muscular shoulders. The forehead is broad and flat or slightly convex. The eyes are large and prominent. The horns are medium-sized and stumpy. Ears are medium-sized and drooping. The hump is compact, firm and medium-sized. The sheath and navel flap are light and close to the body. The dewlap is medium-sized and not so heavy. The feet are fine, well-shaped and strong. The height of a bull behind the hump is 58-62 inches and the heartgirth measurements range from 68-72 inches. The tail is short and thick and usually does not go far beyond the hocks. The most common color is gray or graying white.

The breed is well-known in the area for its medium draft abilities. In the days of the East India Company during the early part of the nineteenth century, large numbers of bullocks of the breed were always in demand for transport purposes. Bullocks of this breed are medium-paced and a pair can carry loads in a cart up to 2/3 of a ton. The cows are not good milk producers.
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