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Breeds of Livestock - Kazakh Cattle

Breeds of Livestock - Kazakh Cattle


The Kazakh is located mainly in north Xinjiang, China and is a meat-draft-milk multi-purpose breed. Most of the cattle are at pasture all year, with very little supplementary feeding; they are well adapted to the local unfavorable climactic, feeding and management conditions.

Body measurements

Kazakh cattle are about the same size as Mongolian.

Milk production

During a lactation of 5-6 months is about 880 kg, with a fat content of 5 percent. Cows are on pasture only during summer and autumn, and receive a little supplementary feeding during winter and spring.


Kazakh heifers mature at one year of age, begin to breed at 2, and calve at about 3. Most females are bred from May to September.
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