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Breeds of Livestock - Limpurger Cattle

Breeds of Livestock - Limpurger Cattle


limpurger-web-1.jpgOrigin: This landrace originated in the region of Limpurg / Hohenlohe north-east of Stuttgart in southern Germany. In the 18th and 19th century cattles from this region were driven some hundred kilometers to Paris, where they were called ”Boeuf de Hohenlohe”. In the end of the 19th century the small, yellow landrace has been crossed with Gelbvieh and Glan to become bigger. Also in the 19.century King Wilhelm I of Württemberg blended Limpurger and a dutch milkrace and created the now extinct "Rosensteinrind".

As early as 1890 ”Verein zur Erhaltung und Pflege des Limpurger Rindes” (Association for Preservation and Care) was founded. Before World War II the population was around 13,000 head of cattle, by 1952 the number was reduced to 5,000. Nowadays exist about 300 cows and 10 bulls of this rare breed.

Characteristics: Limpurger were selected for meat, milk and work, are middle-sized and yellow in color.

cow: Height: 134-137 cm Weight: 600-650 kg
bull: Height: 143-148 cm Weight: 1000-1100 kg
milk production: 4400 kg

More information: GEH (society for the protection of old domestic animal breeds),


Beate Milerski, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 42, D-71735 Eberdingen,


Beate Milerski, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 42, D-71735 Eberdingen,


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Updated November 15, 2002


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