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Breeds of Livestock - Polish Red Cattle

Breeds of Livestock - Polish Red Cattle

Polish Red

polishred.jpgIn the 1880's, red cattle from Denmark, Germany and Sweden were used to improve the various local strains of red Polish cattle. This mixture resulted in the formations of the Polish Red breed, for which a herdbook was established in 1895. Polish Red cattle are extremely robust dairy animals. They are however, rather late maturing; first calves are dropped at 3 years or later. Cows average 400-500 kg, bulls weigh from 500-550 kg.

It is a meat dairy type and is used for draft purposes. Purebreds are rare.

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Jaroslaw Kaba, Veterinary Epidemiology Division, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Warsaw Agricultural University, Grochowska 272, 03-849 Warsaw, Poland

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