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Breeds of Livestock, Department of Animal Science

Breeds of Livestock - Haflinger Horse Registries

Breeds of Livestock - Haflinger Horse Registries

Registries and Breed Associations


Australian Haflinger Horse Breeders Association
4 Emily Road
Mount Vincent
Tel:(61) 2 4938 0333
Fax:(61) 2 4938 0512


Italian National Haflinger Breeders Association
Via Lavagnini 4
50129 Firenze - Italy
tel. +39-0554627295
fax. +39-0554628717


Svenska Haflingerföreningen
c/o Dreborg
Bol 1292
SE-748 91 Österbybruk

United States

American Haflinger Registry
1686 East Waterloo Road
Akron, OH 44306-4103
Phone: 330-784-0000
Fax: 330-784-9843

Haflinger Breeders Organization - Appendix
14640 State Route 83
Coshocton, OH 43812-8911
740 829-2790
fax 740 829-2322

Haflinger Breeders Organization, Inc.
85 South Street
Rockport MA 01966
Phone: 978-546-6329
Fax  978-546-6329

We will be happy to list national Breed Associations and Registries in addition to the ones list. Please use the comment form below to submit additional registries.

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