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Breeds of Livestock - Misaki Horse

Breeds of Livestock - Misaki Horse


    The Misaki originated in Japan. It inhabits the meadow of Cape Toi, or Toimisaki (misaki means "cape"), on the south side of Miyazaki Prefecture. Cape Toi is one of the best known and most important spots for tourism in Kyushu, and the Misaki ponies run wild in the area.

    All of the native horses of Japan are believed to be descended from horses brought from China about 2,000 years ago. They are now separated into eight distinct breeds.

    The Misaki pony has rarely been controlled by man except for a time when almost all male horses were removed and only a few were left as stallions.

    The numbers of this breed was reduced drastically after World War II. Today there are approximately 100 head remaining.

    Misaki ponies are mostly bay or black, with a few chestnuts. White marking on the face or legs are very rare in Japanese horses. They stand 13.2 h.h.

    Population Status: Rare


    Hendricks, Bonnie L., International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds, Univ of Oklahoma Press, 1995.


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