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Breeds of Livestock - National Show Horse

Breeds of Livestock - National Show Horse

National Show Horse


The National Show Horse Registry (NSHR) was created to meet a growing need within the equine industry for beautiful show horses with athletic ability, for new excitement and incentives in the show ring and for a broader base for the show horse industry.

The overwhelming choice for this new breed was an animal that would combine the beauty, refinement and stamina of Arabian with the size and high-stepping motion of the American Saddlebred. With these two breeds as its cornerstone, the National Show Horse was born in 1981. During its history, the NSHR has taken steps to make possible the employment of a variety of combinations of these two basic bloodlines to produce a breed that continues to surpass its own standards, the always exciting National Show Horse.

showhor3.gif However, founders of the NSHR were not satisfied just to create a registry for the new breed. They also wanted to create a new atmosphere in the show ring in order to generate broader public appeal and to develop a prize money system that would make it financially rewarding for exhibitors to show their horses.

The National Show Horse Registry is dedicated to creating an atmosphere in the show ring that reflects the excitement created by the horses themselves. New concepts and formats for the shows have been combined with a prize money system to create new enthusiasm for spectators and exhibitors.


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Updated May 29, 1996


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