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Poultry Breeds - Araucana Chickens

Poultry Breeds - Araucana Chickens


araucana-chicken-3.jpgThese fowls were discovered in South America. A few were brought to the U.S. but have been crossed with other chickens so much so that characteristics of size, shape, etc., were dispersed. The trait of laying blue or greenish eggs persisted and now breeders are attempting to standardize the physical makeup of the population and gain them recognition as a breed. Some of the Araucanas were rumpless and possessed some interesting ear tufts. Probably at some time in the future, these fowls will be developed into an interesting breed with both economic and ornamental attributes.


      Chicken Breeds and Varieties (A2880), John L. Skinner, University of Wisconsin-Madison


    Michael von Luttwitz, Max-Friesenegger-Str. 22, D-86899 Landsberg, Germany

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