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Poultry Breeds - Call Duck

Poultry Breeds - Call Duck



Origins: The Call Duck originates from the Netherlands where they were called Coy or Decoy ducks. They are also called Mallards because of their similar looks.Their call was used by hunters as a decoy to draw other breeds in, like a lure. There are theories that the Call Duck came from East Asia sometime in the 1600’s along with other small bantam breeds. This duck came to Great Britain around the mid-1800’s. The Call Duck was recognized by the APA in 1874.

Characteristics: The Call Duck is a bantam, therefore rather small for a duck. They have short pale orange legs, plump, oval bowl-shaped body with short necks and small heads. Their beaks are orange with black spots scattered all over. The eyes are large and blue.

Standard Weight: 40 oz. or less

Varieties: Blue Fawn, Blue Bibbed, Butterscotch, Buff, Chocolate, Gray, Pastel, Snowy, White

Uses: The Call Duck is used primarily as a pet.





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