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Poultry Breeds -Cayuga Duck

Poultry Breeds -Cayuga Duck


cayugaOrigins: The Cayuga originates from New York, United States and is named after Lake Cayuga in the western part of the state. The Cayuga was developed between the 1830’s - 1850’s. It was recognized by the APA in 1874 then by Great Britain in 1907.

Characteristics: The Cayuga was developed from a wild black duck, the Black East India, and the Rouen. It has black plumage with a beetle green sheen. The legs and beak are black. They carry themselves upright with a long neck. The Cayuga is considered easy-to-handle and very hardy. They adapt to cold weather. The do well as free-range. They are considered good egg layers, laying up to 100 - 150 eggs per year.

Standard Weights: Drake: 8 lbs   Duck: 7 lbs   young Duck: 6 lbs

Varieties: Black

Uses: The Cayuga is used for meat, eggs and ornamental purposes.



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