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Poultry Breeds - African Geese

Poultry Breeds - African Geese


    Origins: The African has a deceiving name because it does not point to its origin. It was brought to America on ships that stopped in various places around the world, making the original place of origin unknown.

    Characteristics: The African should be of about the same size as the Embden, except in the case of the young goose, which may be a couple pounds lighter in weight. The African is the outcome of a cross between the Toulouse, and the Brown Chinese, taking some of the size and dewlap of the Toulouse, and somewhat of the upright carriage and 'knob' which is the ornamental head appendage of the Chinese. The African is said by some breeders to be a distinct breed imported from Africa, but the evidence of the cross is apparent.

    Standard Weight: 22 lbs or more

    Varieties: Brown or Gray, White



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