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Breeds of Livestock - Djali Cattle

Djali Cattle


They are found in the river basin of Niger, throughout northeastern Burkina Faso, the southwest corner of Niger, and the neighboring areas of northern Benin and northwestern Nigeria.The Djali breed is a West African Zebu of mysterious origin. It might be derived from the Dwarf West African Shorthorn, but it seems to be primarily a cross between a short-horned zebu, and a bos taurus. The bos taurus genetic base might be higher in the Djali than in any other West African Zebu breed.


The Djali is of medium build, with lyre-shaped horns. The coat color is black and white, in a speckled or patchy pattern.


Domestic Animal Genetic Resources Information System

Dr. Larry W. Harms, Virginia.


Dr. Larry W. Harms, Virginia.


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