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Breeds of Livestock - Sahelian Goats

Breeds of Livestock - Sahelian Goats


sahelian1.jpgAlso Known By: Sahélienne,Cheèvre bariolée, Fulani, Sahel, West African Longlegged, Gorane, Niafounké, Nioro

The Sahelian belong to the Savanna group of goats with many types and subtypes raised in the Saharan and sub-Saharan region. Described type is distributed in north and northwest of Mali.*

Thin appearance, narrow body, shallow chest, and sloping short croup. Long spindly legs. Udder as well as scrotum in males split into two halves. Both sexes horned, most (70%) with wattles, pendent or semi-pendulous ears. Average females weight about 55-75 pounds, height in withers 65-75 cm, heart girth 62-78 cm, males about 85-125 pounds, 65-85cm in withers and 70-85 cm. in heart girth.

sahelian2.jpgStiff short hair, with variety of colors from pure white, cream, to red, black or gray sprinkled or pied, gray, brown or black.

Production traits: First kidding occurs usually about 18 months, bearing mostly (70%) one or two kids, with lactation persisting to 5-6 months. Dressing percentage (males and castrates) at 25-30kg liveweight 46-48%.

Kept primarily for meat, and skins, milk (at least semiarid regions in Mali) is only seldom used and never processed.

* data obtained in three regional stations



Mason, I.L. 1996. A World Dictionary of Livestock Breeds, Types and Varieties. Fourth Edition. C.A.B International. 273 pp.

Vera Mátlová, Research Institute of Animal Production, 104 00 Praha 10, Uhrineves, Czech Republic e-mail:

Vera Mátlová, Research Institute of Animal Production, 104 00 Praha 10, Uhrineves, Czech Republic e-mail:


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