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Breeds of Livestock - Beulah Speckled-Face Sheep

Breeds of Livestock - Beulah Speckled-Face Sheep

Beulah Speckled-Face

beulahsf.gifThe Beulah Speckled-Faced originates from the hills of Eppynt, Llanafan, Abergwesyn, and Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales. They have been known for over one hundred years. They large for a mountain sheep with black legs and faces, which are without wool.  Rams and Ewes have little to no horns. They are considered easy-to-handle, not a high maintenance breed. Since it has been a hundred year since a flock had to introduce other female stock, the ewes and rams do not have the meat quantity the British export requires. Ewes and crossed with downland rams, which are medium sized. Ewes are good mothers and produce a good quantity of milk.
The Beulah Speckled-Faced Sheep Society was founded in 1958, Wales. The Beulah Speckled-Faced Sheep is used for wool, which has a micron range of 32-33. They produce a white to cream colored fleece which weighs around 1.75-2.5 kg.



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