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Breeds of Livestock - Bond Sheep

Breeds of Livestock - Bond Sheep



The Bond sheep was created in Australia in 1909 as a dual-purpose breed, using Peppin Merinos and imported Lincoln rams. They are still mainly found in southeast Australia, but their numbers span across Australia, New Zealand, China, and Russia.

The Australian Bond Sheep Breeders’ Association has existed since 1984. It now has 30 registered studs that sell more than 3,000 rams annually.

They are a tall and long-bodied breed, with open faces. They have hardy constitutions, and the wool selection for bond sheep is for big, bulky, long stapled, bright wool, measuring 22-28 micron. The Bond sheep can also survive and even make a profit in a wide range of rainy climate, from 14-45 inches of rainfall.

Bond sheep have a high fertility, with some lambing percentages as Their lambs are long like the parents, but they are also lean, and fast growing. And grow they do, because rams can weigh up to 330 lbs.

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