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Breeds of Livestock - Merinizzata italiana Sheep

Breeds of Livestock - Merinizzata italiana Sheep

Merinizzata italiana

merinizzata1.jpgDevelopment of this breed began in 1992. They are by crossbreeding the two original breeds (Gentile di Puglia and Sopravissana) by several exotic breeds such as: Ile de France, Berichonne du Cher, Merinolandschaf, Merinos precoce. Numbering approximately 500,000 head, they are distributed over central and southern Italy.

Description and management:

Rams are horned and the ewes are polled.

Large frame:

Weight (kg)
Withers L. (cm)
Trunk H. (cm)

The breed is reared in the hill pastures from the late spring to the early fall and in the fold or in the lowland pasture in the other seasons. The flocks are frequently over 500 head.


The main products are:

  • Lean lamb: slaughtered at 50-60 days of age (live weight=18-25 kg);
  • Occasionally the Merinizzata ewes are milked to produce cheeses quite similar to that of Gentile di Puglia and Sopravissana .
  • Wool: fiber diameter 26-30 microns ; fleece weight 6.5 kg in the rams and 4.5 kg in the ewes;


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Prof. Francesco Panella, Dipartimento DI Scienze Zootecniche dell'Università degli Studi DI Perugia.

Prof. Francesco Panella, Dipartimento DI Scienze Zootecniche dell'Università degli Studi DI Perugia, Italy.


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Updated January 12, 2001


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