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Breeds of Livestock - Tong Sheep

Breeds of Livestock - Tong Sheep

Tong Sheep


The Tong is another breed originating from the Mongolian. It is a white, polled breed located in the high plains of northern Shaaxi Province in China (annual mean temperature of 13° C, annual precipitation 520 to 600 mm). The beautiful curls of the lamb pelt look like pearls, and a coat-lining made from it provides warmth with light weight.

The Tong sheep have a type of coarse wool commonly called "carpet wool". They are adapted to the unfavorable local environmental conditions of the North and Northwest Pastoral Grasslands. They have the ability to deposit fat in the tail (fat-tail sheep). Wool production is low, with an annual grease fleece weight of only about 1 kg.


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