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We are committed to bringing agricultural information to the youth of Oklahoma. Whether you are just starting a livestock project or you are looking for dynamic speech material you can find it all right here!

We host and coordinate a wide variety of events for youth, including livestock judging, equine, meat, and dairy cattle! Some of the youth programs we are involved in include the OSU Livestock Judging Camps, Big 3 Field Days, Oklahoma Pork Youth Leadership Camp, and Oklahoma Youth Expo. We also coordinate livestock judging contests for over 3,000 students a year at Oklahoma State University, the Tulsa State Fair, and the State Fair of Oklahoma. In coordinating the judging contests, we have revolutionized scoring systems through the integration of Scantron technologies.

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Livestock Judging Youth Events


OSU Livestock Judging Camp
The OSU Livestock Judging Camp brings 100 prospective students each year to participate in one of two 3-day events. This unique experience will give participants the exciting opportunity to work with some of the most successful livestock judging coaches in the country. Participants will also benefit from personal training by members of the current livestock judging team.

Please contact Rusty Gosz if you have any questions.

The packet for 2019 is now available!

Session I: June 10-12, 2019
Session II: June 13-15, 2019

OSU Big 3 Field Days
Our Big 3 Field Days is the most time-honored summer field day in the country! The three day event draws approximately 1,500 youth to OSU to participate in livestock judging and other educational events. More than 100 awards and scholarships are given each year, including the Joe Hughes Memorial Traveling Trophy!

2018 Big 3 Field Days will be held July 17 - 18, 2018.

Big 3 Packet (2018)

Big 3 Flier (2018)

Oklahoma Youth Expo
The Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE) is recognized as the largest youth event in the state of Oklahoma. The livestock show brings over 7,000 exhibitors along with their educators and families from all of Oklahoma's 77 counties.

Each year, Oklahoma State University faculty and staff plan a day of games, giveaways, and fun for the whole family to enjoy in an event called OSU Day at OYE. This year it will be on March 20th, 2019, from 10a.m. to 2p.m. at Barn 3 Sales Pavilion.

OSU Cimarron Classic
The Cimarron Classic is open to Junior College, 4-H and FFA Youth Livestock Judging Teams. There is no limit to how many teams or individuals a Junior College, high school or county can enter. The contest will have 3 divisions in total.

Meat Youth Events


Oklahoma Pork Youth Expo
The Oklahoma Pork Youth Leadership Camp is a complete pork industry experience. Camp participants will learn all phases of the industry from breeding sows to selling pork. Participants will complete a live animal evaluation and actually harvest and process the hogs they evaluate.

Youth who have completed the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade but not yet started college are eligible to apply. Interested candidates must complete the application and provide letters of reference. Click here to learn more about the camp.

State 4-H & FFA (CDE) Meat Judging Contest
OSU hosts this judging contest each year. The contest is held on the Saturday of all the other CDEs.

The state meat judging contests are held annually for 4-H and FFA students from around the state. The contests consist of placing classes, questions or reasons, grading and retail-ID. The winning teams represent Oklahoma at their respective national contests. The next contest will be on April 28th, 2018

CDE-FFA Guidelines

Midwest Invitational Meat Judging Contest
Open to all youth and will include both Sr. 4-H and FFA divisions and a Jr. division. Teams can consist of up to four students but alternates are eligible for individual awards. There is no limit to the number of teams a 4-H club or FFA chapter may enter. Registration is due April 5.

The Sr. 4-H division (14 and over as of Jan. 1) will include 30 ID, six classes and three sets of reasons. The FFA contest will include six classes, 30 retail ID, two sets of questions, and six head of carcasses for yield and quality grading. The Jr. division will consist of 30 ID (specie and retail cut only), six classes and 3 sets of questions. Additional classes and cuts will be available if product is available. The next contest will be held April 14th, 2018. Click here for more information.

Equine Youth Events


State 4-H Horse Show
Top contestants from the four districts compete in June to determine the state champion in events such as Western Pleasure, Hunter Hack, Showmanship, Reining and Ranch Roping.

State 4-H and FFA Horse Judging Contest
Students from across the state compete to determine the best of the best in horse judging. Finishing as the top teams allow youth to advance to national competitions such as the AQYHA World Show.

Horse Communication Contest
Youth compete in demonstrating their equine knowledge and public speaking events in this multi-contest event which includes speeches, illustrated presentations, photography and quiz bowl.

Horse Science Academy
High school aged youth get immersed in the STEM side of equine management, using math skills, scientific concepts while doing hands-on activities.

Dairy Judging Youth Events


State FFA CDE Dairy Judging Contest
Every April, OSU hosts the State FFA (CDE) Dairy Judging Contest.

Summer Dairy Field Days
Each June, OSU hosts the Summer Dairy Field Day. It consists of a dairy judging contest and Oklahoma dairy producer meeting. The next Summer Dairy Field Day will be held June 22nd, 2018. Registration begins at 9:30a.m. and the contest begins at 10a.m.

Summer Dairy Field Days Schedule

Contact Information

We invite you to learn more about our department and the many opportunities available to you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Extension office at 405.744.6060.

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