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Student Life

The OSU Department of Animal Science has over 1,000 undergraduate students, but a small town feel, a caring attitude and a commitment to every student. With faculty, staff and students that represent 38 states and 11 countries, it is easy to assimilate into the department. We have dedicated and passionate faculty whose work is recognized by many at OSU.

OSU has the fifth largest animal science department in the country. Students receive hands-on experience on our 15+ farms and research facilities encompassing 13,000 acres. Curriculum is designed to give students the opportunity to learn concepts in the classroom, then apply those concepts on working farms. We offer students a large variety of courses, taught by award winning, internationally recognized faculty members.


We offer two majors (Animal Science and Food Science) and 12 study options. We have an excellent reputation for advisement and mentoring by faculty and are the only department on-campus with a full-time student success coordinator and faculty who specialize in freshmen and sophomore advising. First and second-year students are advised by faculty who focus on aiding them in the transition to college. These two years allow students to get to know other faculty members within the department and then choose who will advise them during their junior and senior years. We also have the largest departmental scholarship offering at OSU with more than $400,000 awarded each year. Our goal is to help students who demonstrate outstanding qualities in scholarship, leadership and extracurricular involvement.

Student Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to gain leadership experience and develop desirable employment skills through clubs, organizations and programs in our department. OSU has earned more national and world judging championships than any other university. We are home to the reigning world champion horse judging team and national champion meat judging team. Our dedication to excellence in the judging arena is recognized by employers and applauded by alumni. The department also houses ten clubs that allow students to interact with others who hold similar interest, learn from industry professionals, attend national conferences and volunteer in the community and across the state.

Undergraduate Research

We are one of the few departments at OSU to offer an Undergraduate Research Scholar Program, which gives students the opportunity to work alongside professors and graduate students in cutting-edge projects. Students can participate in many different types of research, ranging from principle to applied concepts. Previous research scholars have pursued their career after graduation in medical school, veterinary school, and/or graduate school. They are also involved in competitive research programs such as Cornell, OMRF, and private companies.


The department encourages students to participate in at least one internship opportunity during their time as an undergraduate. Internships are a great way to experience “on the job” training and network within the industry. Students within our department have interned both inside and outside of the agricultural community and worked for a variety of different companies.

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