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Create an Appointment

Below is a list of OSU Department of Animal Science advisors. Each advisor's preferred method for scheduling advising appointments is listed beside his/her name.

Please scroll down to your assigned advisor and click on the link beside their name to schedule an advising appointment. Unsure of who your assigned advisor is? Log onto "Student Self-Services," look under "Student Records," and then click on "Advisor."

When e-mailing office assistants, please specify who you would like to make an appointment with. Directions for using the STAR system can be found at the bottom of this page.

Blake Bloomberg - Contact Holly Jones

Scott Carter - E-mail

Steven Cooper - Contact Holly Jones

Justin Crosswhite - Use STAR System

Mellissa Crosswhite - Use STAR System

Udaya DeSilva - Use STAR System

Jerry Fitch - Walk-in Only

Rusty Gosz - E-mail

Kris Hiney - E-mail

Ravi Jadeja - E-mail

Divya Jaroni - E-mail

Mark Johnson - Contact Holly Jones

David Lalman - E-mail

Gretchen Mafi - E-mail

Gant Mourer - E-mail

Peter Muriana - E-mail

Adel Pezeshki - E-mail

Ranjith Ramanathan - E-mail or use STAR

Ryan Reuter - E-mail

Chris Richards - E-mail

Leon Spicer - E-mail or call 744.9268

Dan Stein - E-mail or call 744.9269

Deb VanOverbeke - Use STAR System

Blake Wilson - E-mail

Guolong (Glenn) Zhang - E-mail

Using the STAR System

Online Instructions

  • Login to the STAR System.
  • Click the blue "Get Advising" button.
  • You will see the following "Reason" screen. Select the reason (typically "Meet with my Advisor").
  • Then select the appropriate option (typically "Advising Appointment").
  • Then click "Next."

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