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Meat Judging Team


The concept of the meat judging program is to train individuals to distinguish differences in relative value of various meat cuts. However, the beneficial value of involvement goes much further than determining the compositional and quality differences of carcasses. Students involved with the meat judging program develop life skills that they utilize regardless of their occupation later in life.

Judging team members must make rapid, logical decisions and defend their decisions via written reasons. Therefore, students improve their ability for critical thinking and accurate communication. In addition, students become organized and self-disciplined, learn to accept criticism, develop self-confidence and become leaders.

In many cases, success in meat judging competition translates to employment opportunities, internships and scholarships. Furthermore, relationships developed among team members and coaches help students better interact with others. Bonds developed between members and coaches are cherished for a lifetime. These bonds often provide a sense of family and community to a large campus.

2018 National Champion Meat Judging Team

2018 Meat Judging Team Champions

Meat Judging 2018

Honors & Recognition

  • 19 National Championships
  • 7 Reserve National Championships
  • Over 60 championships from other national contests
  • Only team to win Australian Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest twice
  • More national championships in meat judging than any other university in the country

Walters Award Winners

  • 2006 - Carl Oblander, Woodward, OK
  • 2007 - Tim Pye, Sylvania, GA
  • 2008 - Kelly Manke, Marlow, OK
  • 2009 - Gretchen Frost Lampe, Tallula, IL
  • 2010 - Zach Robertson, Bland, MO
  • 2011 - McKenzie Clifton Squires, Kingfisher, OK
  • 2012 - Morgan Neilson Pfeiffer, Meeker, CO
  • 2013 - Shannon White, Stillwater, OK
  • 2014 - Jessie Heidlage, Claremore, OK
  • 2015 - Macy Perry, Prather, CA
  • 2016 - Thomas Neal
  • 2017 - Charley Rayfield
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  • 2005 – Samuel Percival
  • 2006 – Carl Oblander
  • 2007 – Reed Smith
  • 2008 – Kelly Manke
  • 2010 – Zach Robertson
  • 2011 – McKenzie Clifton
  • 2012 – Morgan Neilson
  • 2014 – Jessie Heidlage & Audrey Zoeller
  • 2015 – Macy Perry
  • 2016 Julianna Albrecht
  • 2016  Abby Bechtold
  • 2016  Emily Rice
  • 2017 - Charley Rayfield
  • 2018 - Kathryn Hearn & Lilly Hidlebrand


  • National Western
  • Ft. Worth
  • Iowa State
  • Houston
  • Eastern National
  • Elanco-American Royal
  • Cargill-High Plains
  • International Championship

Team Photos

All of our judging team photos are available online on Flickr.

About Us


The OSU Meat Judging Team began in 1926. The team has won 19 National Championships (which is more than any other university in the country), 7 Reserve National Championships, and over 60 other championships from national contests.

Many alumni attribute their successes in life to their experiences on the meat judging team. The Meat Science Alumni support team members by monetary contributions, helping to defray travel costs and offering scholarships.

About the Coach

Gretchen Mafi has coached the Meat Judging Team since 2006. Under her leadership, the team has won many national and reserve national championships.

“Being a member of a collegiate judging team is an invaluable experience because of the skills gained, like decision making, organization, time management, responsibility, team work and work ethic. In addition, team members gain life-long friends from within their team and around the country, as well as industry contacts for future employment. Collegiate judging contests are highly competitive and require tremendous dedication and desire from participants.”

- Gretchen Mafi, OSU Meat Judging Team coach


"Being on the 2016 Meats Judging team was the best decision that I have made at OSU! I had the opportunity to learn more about the animal protein industry, travel across the country and meet new people from other colleges. Most importantly, I gained incredible friendships and many memories with my teammates and coaches.

"Our team had an exciting year, winning our department's 18th International Championship! Success aside, I'm completely humbled to have been able to represent the Department of Animal Science and continue our tradition of excellence!"

- Julianna Albrecht, 2016 OSU Meat Judging Team member

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Contact Information

We invite you to learn more about our department and the many opportunities available to you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me

 Gretchen Mafi
Gretchen Mafi

Meat Judging Coach
104E Animal Science

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