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Quadrathlon Team


The OSU Department of Animal Science supports a quadrathlon team that competes during the spring semester. The Academic Quadrathlon is a skills competition held at the local, regional, and national levels. Teams of four are up made of university undergraduates. Winning teams continue to move up to the next level of competition. The national winning team is determined at the American Society of Animal Science national meeting in July. The regional contest takes place during the ASAS Southern Section meeting.

How Competition Works

Teams participate in four events: Laboratory Practicum, Written Exam, Oral Presentation, and Quiz Bowl.

In the Laboratory Practicum, the team demonstrates its ability to perform physical skills. Work at each station lasts 15 to 20 minutes and involves the entire team. The work at each station usually involves a species such as beef or swine or a disciplinary area such as nutrition or meats.

The Written Exam has a 60-minute time limit. The questions may involve any area related to animal production and products. Each team works on one exam, dividing the questions as they wish.

In the Oral Presentation, the students may choose from a list of topics related to animal agriculture. They have 60 minutes to prepare the presentation. They will be provided with transparency sheets and markers. During the presentation, they may use an overhead projector to share information. This is an exercise in cooperative problem-solving.

In the Quiz Bowl, questions may be on any topic that relates to animal agriculture and that are answerable in a short period of time. Each round is made up of "toss-up" questions. After a series of "toss-up" questions, teams can earn the chance to get extra points on a "bonus" question. Toss-up questions must be answered individually. For the bonus question, individuals may confer with their team. Quiz games will be organized as a double elimination tournament.

Recent Team Honors

  • First place team at the Southern Section competition (2015)
  • National championship team (2015)
  • Second place team at the Southern Section competition (2014)
  • First place team at the Southern Section competition (2013)


  • Local Academic Quadrathlon
  • Regional Academic Quadrathlon
  • National Academic Quadrathlon

Team Photos

All of our Quadrathlon team photos are available on Flickr.

About Us


The 2015 team won the regional quadrathlon competition at the American Society of Animal Science Southern Section Academic Quadrathlon in Atlanta, Georgia, and were named Southern Section Champions. In July of 2015, the OSU Animal Science Quadrathlon Team won the national championship title at the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) Academic Quadrathlon competition in Orlando, Florida.


"The best part of the competition was being able to sit down and talk about something we have been doing most of our lives, and being able to say that we truly have learned something in the time we have spent at OSU.”

- Kara Sutphen, 2015 OSU Quadrathlon Team member

"The Quadrathlon is what I truly view as the pinnacle of our education. It is so exciting to apply what we have learned in our animal science classes in a practical production setting.”

- Jessica Neal, 2015 OSU Quadrathlon Team member

About the Coach

Blake Wilson has served as the Quadrathlon coach since 2015. A Cowboy alumnus, Wilson earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees with the OSU Department of Animal Science, the very unit of which he is now a part, serving Oklahoma interests as an assistant professor of ruminant nutrition.

The Okemah native grew up on his family’s small diversified farming operation, helping to raise commercial cattle, harvest pecans and maintain native grass meadows for hay production.

Wilson was active in Oklahoma 4-H and FFA as a youth, beginning to exhibit sheep when he was nine years of age and was quickly drawn to the Southdown breed. Upon discovering a local breeder, Wilson began to raise and exhibit his own flock of more than 30 registered ewes. As a result of the success of his cattle and sheep operations, he was named a finalist for the Oklahoma Northeast District Star Farmer Award as a senior in FFA.

He also proved his self-reliance and grasp of economics when after graduation from high school he dispersed his cattle and sheep operations to assist in financing his college education. But then Wilson has always been a worker.

He took advantage of opportunities provided through DASNR and its College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Wilson served as a research assistant at the OSU Poultry Center in addition to working at the OSU Sheep Center. He was an Animal Science Quadrathlon representative for his academic department, an officer in the Alpha Zeta Honorary Fraternity and student representative on the college’s Agricultural Student Association.

Contact Information

We invite you to learn more about our department and the many opportunities available to you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Blake Wilson
Blake Wilson

Quadrathlon Coach
212C Animal Science

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