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Poultry Research Center

Poultry Research Center; Department of Animal and Food Sciences

The Poultry Research Station currently houses considerable research capability for supporting both basic and applied research. Overall, the center contains 172 floor pens (132 in remodeled buildings) that may be used for applied broiler, layer, turkey and breeder studies. Additional facilities include a poultry processing laboratory; computer laboratory; sample handling-laboratory; two large scale environmental chambers (1,680-bird capacity) and 84 calorimetry-environmental chambers. Poultry research has focused on energetic, environmental distress and growth modeling research. The large scale environmental chamber may be used to generate specific cycling ambient temperature-relative humidity environments for applied-basic experiments.

The 84 open-circuit respiratory units equipped for real-time physiological monitoring are divided between 3 chamber rooms for poultry and a new complex for swine. The units are used in basic thermobalance studies for the determination of bird heat production, evaporative cooling, nonevaporative cooling, respiration rate, apparent respiration efficiency, body temperature, bird heat content, protein and fat deposition pattern, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, and numerous metabolic variables determined in blood samples obtained via indwelling catheters. Body temperature, heart rate, electrocardiogram, and blood pressure observations are made using a radio telemetry system with data recording every 1.5 minutes for all birds. This is a one-of-its-kind facility. Similarly, 24 environmental chambers have recently been added to accommodate pigs, up to 40 kg.

Poultry Center

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Facility Supervisor:
Ali Beker

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