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Andrew Foote

Andrew Foote; Oklahoma State University; Department of Animal and Food Sciences; Faculty Page; Curriculum Vitae; Nutritional Physiology; metabolism; insulin signalling; gut-development; appetite regulation; phosphoproteomics

Andrew FooteContact

Assistant Professor

Office: 208B Animal Science

Phone: 405.744.8857



Physiology Research

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Dr. Foote is an assistant professor in our department. He teaches several courses and advises undergraduate and graduate students.


Dr. Foote’s research focuses on physiological mechanisms that contribute to feed efficiency of ruminants using techniques ranging from feeding trials, digestion/metabolism trials, endocrinology studies, RNA-seq, and phosphoproteomics.

His current research projects include:

  • The role of glucose metabolism in contributing to nutrient utilization efficiency.
  • Repeatability of feed efficiency measurements across diets and stages of growth and production.
  • Identifying factors that contribute to appetite regulation in beef and dairy cattle.
  • The role of fatty acid metabolism in gut inflammation and nutrient utilization efficiency.
  • Understanding factors that contribute to a healthy and productive transition into lactation for dairy cows.

About Dr. Foote

Dr. Andrew Foote joined Oklahoma State University as an assistant professor in 2018. Originally from Plainview, Texas, his interest in agriculture started as a kid when he raised livestock in FFA.

He entered academia because of his desire to mentor students and participate in their education. He plans to build a strong basic ruminant nutrition research program and be active in the graduate program. He is on the editorial board for the Journal of Animal Science.

He moved here with his wife, Tammy, and his two daughters, Madeline and Blair.

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