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Gerald Horn

Gerald Horn

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Office: 208D Animal Science
Phone: 405.744.6070



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About Dr. Horn

Dr. Gerald Horn grew up in West Texas, and earned his B.S. degree (1966) from Texas Tech University and M. S. (1968) and Ph. D. (1971) degrees from Purdue University.  He was a member of the faculty at the University of Georgia for 4 years before joining the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University in January 1975.  Soon after joining OSU, he recognized the unique and economically important role of wheat pasture in Oklahoma and the southern Great Plains, and the important price-stabilizing role it plays for most of the fall-weaned calves in the U.S.  He has devoted much of his research career toward increasing the biological efficiency of production of these cattle always seeking to decrease production risk and increase the physical stability and profitability of the industry.

Dr. Horn initiated collaborative studies in 2007 to examine the effect of nutritional and management strategies on development of adipose tissue depots, including marbling, by cattle during the stocker/feeder phase of production.  Previous studies relative to marbling development by beef cattle had been conducted primarily with cattle during the feedlot phase of production.  His present research interests are in the area of stocker cattle nutrition and management, and the effects of grazing systems and application of technologies on subsequent feedlot performance and carcass value.

Dr. Horn served as the Coordinator of the Animal Science Graduate Program for 15 + years (April 2000 to September 2015) and as the Interim Department Head from December 2011 to August 2012. He has taught 9 different courses to veterinary, graduate or undergraduate students, and has authored/co-authored 113 peer-reviewed journal articles and over 500 other scientific reports. He has served as major advisor and/or graduate committee member to 100 + graduate students. His former students are advancing the science and practice of beef cattle nutrition and management and providing leadership in academia, industry and administrative agencies in the U.S., Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. Dr. Horn is a Charter Diplomate of the American College of Animal Nutrition, and a long-time member of the American Society of Animal Science, and the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association.

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