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Cowpoke News

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The OSU Department of Animal and Food Sciences publishes Cowpoke News three times a year (two standard editions and one research edition). The publication discusses news about our department, including judging team championships, student awards, and faculty activities, as well as the many accomplishments of our alumni.

We are committed to keeping you informed about our department and hope you enjoy reading Cowpoke News! Click on the publications below to view/print them as a pdf. If you would like to view the web version, please visit our ISSUU page.

Cowpoke News Summer 2019 Cover
Summer 2019
Cowpoke News - Research Edition 2019
Research 2019
Cowpoke News - Fall 2018 Edition
Fall 2018
Cowpoke News Summer 2018
Summer 2018
Cowpoke News - Research Edition 2018
Research 2018
Cowpoke News Fall 2017 Cover
Fall 2017
Cowpoke News Spring 2017 Cover
Spring 2017
Cowpoke News 2016 Fall Cover
Fall 2016
Cowpoke News 2016 Research Cover
Research 2016
Cowpoke News 2016 Spring Cover
Spring 2016
Cowpoke F15 Cover
Fall 2015
Cowpoke News - Research 2015
Research 2015
Cowpoke News Spring 2015
Spring 2015
Cowpoke News Research 2014
Research 2014
Cowpoke News Summer 2014
Summer 2014
Cowpoke News Spring 2014
Spring 2014
Cowpoke News - December 2013
Fall 2013
Cowpoke News - September 2013
Summer 2013

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