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Animal Science Major; Pre-Veterinary Degree Option; Oklahoma State University; Department of Animal Science

The pre-veterinary degree option offered through the animal science major prepares students with the skills and requirements needed to attend veterinary medicine schools. In this option, students will learn and focus on the basics of animal health to get admission from schools offering DVM degrees. Our undergraduates make up more than one-third of the OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences incoming class every year. Students can also tailor this option for pre-med.

Along with core courses, the curriculum includes requirements for professional schools like animal nutrition, biochemistry, genetics, and organic chemistry. Extracurricular activities and internships are encouraged. Students pursuing this option can also include courses that make them eligible to apply for medical, physical therapy, dental, or pharmacy school.



Cutting-Edge Facilities

Animal science students will have access to our research and teaching facilities, which cover almost 13,000 acres.

Frequently Asked Questions

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