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Food Science Major; Food Science Degree Option; Oklahoma State University; Department of Animal Science

The science degree option offered through the food science major is ideal for students with a scientific mind and an interest in research. This is the recommended degree option for students that have an interest in food science and would like to pursue graduate school or a post-secondary degree. The food science curriculum includes core classes with more science based courses.

The food science option prepares students for scientific and technical challenges of the modern food industry while also providing a foundation to further their education through graduate school or a post-secondary degree.

Our department believes it is important for undergraduate students to have research opportunities. Students can get hands-on learning with food science research projects through various programs, including our department's undergraduate research program.



Cutting-Edge Facilities

Food safety students will have access to the Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center, known throughout the nation for its research and Extension outreach and state-of-the-art facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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