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Breeds of Livestock - Finnhorse

Breeds of Livestock - Finnhorse


finnhor1.jpgAlso Known By: Finnish Universal Horse

A descendant of the northern European domestic horse, the Finnhorse belongs to the general horse breeds, having both warm blood and heavier draft blood influence. The breed is also called the Finnish Universal because it is said to fulfill all needs for horses in Finland from draft to speedy trotting races to riding.

Having a compliant nature the Finnhorse is easily handled, has considerable speed, liveliness, endurance, and longevity. It is dry and strongly muscled, with hard legs and good hooves. The main color is chestnut with white markings often found on the face and legs. Other colors are bay, grey, and more rarely brown or black.
Trotting is popular in Finland. In races, about 40 percent of the starts are for Finnhorses. Having speed, a well-balanced trot, endurance and eagerness for victory makes the Finnhorse a good trotting horse. It has its own special position as a sport horse.

The Finnhorse is an excellent mount in riding schools, for both young and adult riders being calm, patient and lively. In riding competitions the Finnhorse has had its best success in show jumping, but the breed also does well in dressage. The Finnhorse is truly a universal horse.


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