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Poultry Breeds - Crevecoeur Chickens

Poultry Breeds - Crevecoeur Chickens


Origins: The Crevecoeur is from the region around Normandy, France. It is thought to be the oldest chicken breed of France. The name is derived from a town, Creve-Coeur en Ange, in the Normandy providence. The fowl was brought to America around the mid-1800’s. As it stands right now, the fowl is considered in critical condition with the number of birds in the United States.

Characteristics: The Crevecoeur has a beautiful red v-shaped comb which is enhanced by the full crest on the bird’s head. However, the crest leads, more often than not, to lice. This fowl has a lean body with a steep chest and a rounded back. The shanks are a pale grayish black color. The beak has a similar color to the legs but it has a deep shade. The skin color is white. While the Crevecoeur looks small and without much muscle, the bird fattens up to become a nice meat bird.

Standard Weights: Cock: 8 lbs; Hen: 6 ½ lbs: Bantam Cock: 30 oz; Bantam Hen: 26 oz



Egg Shell Color: White

Uses: The Crevecoeur is a dual purpose breed which is used for eggs and meat.



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