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Breeds of Livestock - Pomeranian Duck

Breeds of Livestock - Pommeranian Duck

Pomeranian Duck

Origin: Pommeranian duck is from various European countries. They were named after the main breeding area, Pommerania, and have been bred since 1920 in Switzerland.

Characteristics: The Pommeranian Duck has a weight of approx. 2.3 to 2.7 kg; the drakes reach on average 3 kg. They are tireless snail hunters and despite their size not plump. Besides a good laying ability, approx. 150 eggs (70g) per year, the young ducks are very secure in all weather and at eight to ten weeks ready for butchering. Even perennial ducks perform well and often reliably raise a brood before the beginning of moulting in summer.

Endangerment and Distribution: Despite these virtues, the pleasing appearance (green-glowing black or blue-gray with a white breast pinafore) and their trustful nature, there are only a few breeders in Switzerland and Germany who purposefully take on this breed.

Goal: To find additional breeders for this breed who have the will to contribute to the maintenance of the Pommeranian Duck for many years. The breeding goal is the maintenance of good management and the marking (of the goose). These present some challenges for the breeder.

      Endangered Domestic Animal Breeds 1995, Pro Specie Rara, Engelgasse 12a, CH-9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland, Telefon 071/222 74 20, Fax 071/223 74 01. German Translation provided by John te Velde, Associate Professor of German, Oklahoma State University

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