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Poultry Breeds - Embden Geese

Poultry Breeds - Embden Geese


Origins: The Embden originates from Emden, Germany; formarlly known Embden. It is considered one of the oldestembden1.jpgdomesticated breeds, being around 200 years old. The Embden is also known as “Bremens”, which is what they were first named when they reached the United States in 1821. The ancestry of the Embden is uncertain. Some have it being a crossbreed between a German White and an English white or Derectly from the french Toulouse and refined with an English White.

Characteristics: The Embden is a pure white bird with a yellow to orange beak with a white tip and orange shanks. It is considered the tallest breed (3.3 ft) and one of the biggest along with the Toulouse goose. Their heads are smaller than other breeds because they lack the knob on the forehead. The shade of the head is oval. The neck is long and slender, on the male it is thicker. The Embden has blue eyes. These birds are often very active, stout, and generally very quiet.

Standard Weight: 22 lbs

Uses: The Embden is most commonly used as a commercial bird. They are also considered great weeders.


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