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Poultry Breeds - Toulouse Geese

Poultry Breeds - Toulouse Geese



Origins and Characteristics: The Toulouse was developed in southern France (near the city of Toulouse) and is considered a superior meat bird in Europe. While many fewer geese are consumed in the U.S. than in Europe, the Toulouse is popular among breeder because of its hardiness and ability to withstand the cold winters of the upper Midwest, where it is primarily bred. It lays about 50 eggs per year and will set them if allowed. The Toulouse is one of the larger goose breeds. In its exhibition or "dewlap" form, the Toulouse may weight up to 25 pounds and have its body practically dragging the ground. The production or "utility" Toulouse is smaller and lacks a dewlap. In fact, it is shaped, sized and colored more like a Pilgrim goose, with dark gray on its back, light gray on it breast, and white on its stomach.

Status: Watch. The toulouse is the most popular gray goose in America, limited in numbers primarily by the lack of a large market for geese in general.

Varieties: Buff, Gray

    The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, Box 477, Pittsboro, N.C. 27312


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