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Breeds of Livestock - Deutsches Blaukoepfiges Fleischschaf Sheep

Breeds of Livestock - Deutsches Blaukoepfiges Fleischschaf Sheep

Deutsches Blaukoepfiges Fleischschaf

    Also Known By: German Blue-Headed Mutton Sheep
    In the 1970’s breeders from Nordrheinwestfalen imported French Bleu-du-Maine sheep from Normandy and the Ardennes and started working with them.  In 1978, this new breed was taken into the German breed-registry, with following breeding goals:

    Braunkop Fleisch2Large, white sheep with blue heads, that are free of wool and horns; narrow, long ears, that are also dark blue; chiseled faces with slightly protruding eyes; blue delicate legs. Fleece weight is 4-5.5 kg, with a fiber diameter of 31-35 microns. Ewes lamb easily and with sufficient and good food, they take care of twins and triplets.  They grow fast with a high meat yield; meat has Texel character.  Rams weigh about 114 kg; ewes weigh about 82 kg. The Blaukoepfiges Fleischschaf is very active and highly alert.


      Schafzucht, Fritz Haring , Eugen Ulmer Verlag, Wolle vom Schaf, Nowak, Forkel, Germany
      Jris Schärli-Hofer, Switzerland.

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