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Breeds of Livestock - German Landrace Swine

Breeds of Livestock - German Landrace Swine

Swedish Landrace

swedlr.gifThe Swedish Landrace is the leading breed of swine in Sweden, a country not known for large numbers of swine. The heavy drooping ears found on the Landrace strains in other countries are also typical of the Swedish breed, as is the white color and high proportion of lean meat. The Swedish strain of Landrace originated from importations from neighboring countries, particularly Denmark.

Emphasis in Sweden has not been for the extreme length and bacon producing characteristics of the original stock, resulting in a more moderate type strain. Greater emphasis has been put on soundness of feet and legs, strength of top and ability to walk. At the same time, Swedish breeders have also attempted to retain a satisfactory rate of gain and feed conversion, proliticacy, and the mothering ability for which Landrace have become so well known. In recent years, Swedish Landrace have attracted attention in the United States and other nations. Especially where more emphasis is placed on fresh pork and other manufactured products besides bacon. Infusions of the Swedish strain have been valued in American Landrace. They have provided a broadening of the genetic base and a correction of characteristics that were regarded as shortcomings by American Landrace breeders. There have also been exportations to other countries.


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