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Equine Program

Department of Animal and Food Sciences; Equine Program; Horses

Oklahoma State University has a long-standing tradition of excellence and involvement in the equine industry. The equine program is committed to preparing students to have both an understanding of the science behind the species and a practical understanding of what it takes to work with them.

Recognizing the importance of providing a quality learning experience focused on horses, our department is now offering an undergraduate certificate program in equine enterprise management. Students can also take equine related courses within our animal science major.

Students have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience at the Charles and Linda Cline Equine Teaching Center, as well as participate in courses taught by award-winning faculty and staff. This combination provides an inclusive learning environment for students of all backgrounds and skill levels. In addition, the strong alumni and professional network students have access to enables them to interact with and learn from key players in the industry. To learn more about our equine program, read below or view our equine program flyer.


Equine Program Facilities

The Charles and Linda Cline Equine Teaching Center is a state-of-the-art facility located on approximately 60 acres. The facility has a teaching barn, small indoor arena, classrooms, feed and tack rooms, wash rack, and treatment area. The Equine Center currently has 65 head of primarily Quarter Horses in its inventory. Of this total, 22 are broodmares over the age of three, 4 geldings over the age of three, 7 two-year-old fillies and geldings, 16 yearling fillies and geldings, and 3 breeding age stallions. These horses are used for a variety of activities encompassing research, teaching, and extension.


Equine Program Curriculum

Undergraduate students can participate in our Equine Enterprise Management certificate program. Equine curriculum is also incorporated into the animal science major. In addition to the general education and specific degree requirements for an animal science degree, students have an opportunity to take many hands-on and lecture-based equine courses. Students work with their faculty academic advisor to incorporate these courses into their plan of study. This curriculum further provides experiential learning opportunities through industry internships with farms, trainers, and equine associations.

Student Opportunities

Equine Program Student Opportunities

Some of the equine activities our students can participate in include horse judging, the Women’s Equestrian Team, and the OSU Horsemen’s Association. The Horse judging team competes at several national and world level contests each year, which exposes students to the leading producers and exhibitors in the horse industry. Students also have an opportunity to work or intern at the Equine Center. These paid positions allow students to apply skills and knowledge learned in class to a working operation. Student workers and interns aid the herd manager in the general care of the horses and grounds.


Equine Program Extension

The Oklahoma State University equine Extension program provides horse owners with important information, as well as holds numerous events throughout the year to aid, teach, and engage the equine community. These events include annual workshops and competitions for youth interested in horses. Learn more about equine Extension events and activities on our OSU horse website. For more on-line horse information, try eXtension-Horse, a National Cooperative Extension Project dedicated to education of the horse owner.


Equine Program Research

Our main equine research program goals have been to more accurately quantify mineral requirements in weanlings and yearlings; determine the effects of mineral balance and exercise on bone metabolism in the young, growing horse; evaluate mineral bioavailability from varying sources and in response to dietary supplementation; and train well-rounded graduate students that are academically and scientifically sound minded as well as have the ability to teach and communicate with students and the people in the industry.


Equine Program History

Like most land grant colleges, the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College was dependent upon horsepower from the beginning. Agriculture itself was structured around the horse; from pulling a wagon to pulling a plow, the horse was without substitute. The draft horse program was organized as a respected portion of the college. As the equine community and industry changed throughout the years, our equine program evolved as well to focus on stock horse breeds. The equine program remains an important part of OSU.

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