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Meat Science

Oklahoma State University Meat Science


We are committed to bringing food science industry information to the state of Oklahoma. Our faculty are instrumental in researching all of today's top issues and provide advanced curriculum in the classroom.

Research at OSU is on going. Corporations benefit from research that explores meat tenderness, packaging and shelf life, sensory evaluation, and chemical analysis of different feed stuffs, breed types and techniques.

Our extension programs reach out to producers, packers, retailers and food service through workshops and seminars. In addition, extension reaches the youth of today by putting on 4-H and FFA meat judging contests, field days and youth tours.

The teaching, research and extension Meat Science program brings cohesion to all facets of industry by Bringing Dreams to Life for the students, as well as, the meat industry.


FAPC's research laboratories, pilot-processing facilities, educational programs and seminars keep food and agricultural processors and entrepreneurs on the forefront of cutting-edge value-added processing and technology.

The classroom setting provides state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment and features an auditorium with a rail system for moving carcasses from the cooler to the classroom for lectures and seminars.

Meat Science

Meat Science at OSU

Workshops & Programs

4-H/FFA Judging Resources


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We invite you to learn more about our department and the many opportunities available to you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Gretchen Mafi
Gretchen Mafi

Meat Science Specialist
104E Animal Science

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