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1997 Research Reports

1997 Research Reports

Beef and Dairy Cattle, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Horses and Animal Products

August 1997

Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station
Divison of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources
Oklahoma State University


Breeding and Genetics

Effect of divergent selection for postweaning gain on body weight changes of gilts
A.C. Clutter and D.S. Buchanan, pp 1-5

Performance of ewes from Rambouillet crosses with Booroola Merino, Dorset and Finnish Landrace rams
D.S. Buchanan, G.Q. Fitch and R. Chabo, pp 6-10

Reproductive regularity for young cows sired by high and low milk EPD Angus and Polled Hereford bulls
D.S. Buchanan, R. Gosz and L. Knori, pp 11-15


Food Science

Domestic strategic alliance: Vitamin E project
E.A. Westcott, R.L. Stubbs, H.G. Dolezal and J.B. Morgan, pp 16-22

Estimation of beef carcass cutability using video image analysis, total body electrical conductivity or yield grade
T.L. Gardner, H.G. Dolezal, B.A. Gardner, J.L. Nelson, B.R. Schutte, J.D. Tatum, G.C. Smith, J.B. Morgan, J.W. Wise and R. Calkins, pp 23-31

Influences of pH during growth on removal of cholesterol from MRS broth by Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus acidophilus
M.M. Brashears and S.E. Gilliland, pp 32-37

Progress of an Oklahoma swine carcass contest
T.L. Gardner, W.G. Luce, F.K. Ray, D.S. Buchanan, G.A. Highfill, S.C. Smith and J.D. Wallace, pp 38-44


Nutrition/Management Cow/Calf

Dry cow treatment of beef cows
C.A. Lents, R.P. Wettemann, J.A. Vizcarra, M.L. Looper and M.J. Paape, pp 45-49

Effect of poultry litter on winter weight gain of beef cows
K.C. Barnes, S.C. Smith, J.G. Britton and D.M. Miller, pp 50-53

Effects of postpartum body condition score of beef cows on milk components and weaning weights of calves
C.A. Lents, M.L. Looper and R.P. Wettemann, pp 54-59

Evaluation of deworming strategies in cows and calves in eastern Oklahoma
B.R. Stacey, K.C. Barnes and G.E. Selk. pp 60-62

The relationship between rate of gain and implant response in suckling calves
Glenn Selk, pp 63-67


Nutrition/Management Feedlot Cattle

Effects of limiting feed access time on performance and carcass characteristics of feedlot steers
Z.I. Prawl, W.J. Hill, F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill and R.L. Ball, pp 68-72

Effects of supplemental Vitamin D3 on meat tenderness
S.S. Swanek, J.B. Morgan, F.N. Owens, H.G. Dolezal and D.R. Gill, pp 73-78


Nutrition/Management Stocker Cattle

Effect of Revalor®-G implant and source of supplemental protein on weight gain of steers wintered on dormant tallgrass prairie or old world bluestem
C.J. Ackerman, S.I. Paisley, H.T. Purvis II, G.W. Horn and B.R. Karges, pp 79-84

Effect of increasing levels of magnesium oxide on intake of a self-limited energy supplement for growing steers grazing winter wheat
S.I. Paisley, C.J. Ackerman and G.W. Horn, pp 85-89

Effect of poultry litter on weight gain of grazing stocker cattle
S.C. Smith, K.C. Barnes, J.G. Britton and C.W. Cross, pp 90-93

Effect of poultry litter on weight gain of winter stocker cattle
K.C. Barnes, S.C. Smith, J.G. Britton and D.M. Miller, pp 94-97

Effect of implants on performance of steers dry-wintered on native tallgrass prairie
S.I. Paisley, G.W. Horn, C.J. Ackerman and D.S. Secrist, pp 98-102

Effects of supplemental zinc and manganese on in vitro urea degradation and prairie hay disappearance
H.M Arelovich, F.N. Owens, G.W. Horn and J.A. Vizcarra, pp 103-108

Further development of a monensin-containing, self-limited energy supplement for wheat pasture stocker cattle
G.W. Horn, S.I. Paisley and C. Lunsford, pp 109-113

Gains of wheat pasture stocker heifers implanted with Ralgro®, Synovex®-H, or Revalor®-G
G.A. Highfill, D.R. Gill and D.L. Lalman, pp 114-116


Nutrition/Management Swine

Amino acid substitution for whey protein concentrate in the diets of conventionally weaned pigs
M.E. Davis, B.Z. de Rodas, C.V. Maxwell, E. Broekman and J. Chung, pp 117-122

Effect of protein source on response of nursery pigs to crystalline amino acid supplementation
M.E. Davis, B.Z. de Rodas, C.V. Maxwell, M.E. Davis, S. Mandali, E. Broekman and J. Chung, pp 123-128

Efficacy of Rovimix® Stay-C® 25 as a Vitamin C source for segregated and conventionally weaned pigs
B.Z. de Rodas, C.V. Maxwell, M.E. Davis, S. Mandali, E. Broekman and J. Chung, pp 129-137

Lysine requirement of Phase 2 nursery pigs fed Karl hard red winter wheat based diets
E.J.A.J. Broekman, B.Z. de Rodas, W.G. Luce, C.V. Maxwell and J.S. Chung, pp 138-143

High quality protein vs crystalline amino acids as an amino acid source for segregated early weaned pigs
B.Z. de Rodas, C.V. Maxwell, M.E. Davis, E. Broekman and J. Chung, pp 144-150

Potential for egg protein and porcine spray-dried blood as a replacement for plasma protain (AP-920) in early-weaning pig diets
J. Chung, B.Z. de Rodas, C.V. Maxwell, M.E. Davis and W.G. Luce, pp 151-155



A new way of evaluating sexual behavior in rams
B.E. Cardwell, G.Q. Fitch and R.D. Geisert, pp 156-158

Effects of body condition on luteal activity and estrus in postpartum beef cows
M.L. Looper, C.A. Lents, J.A. Vizcarra and R.P. Wettemann, pp 159-162

Ultrasonic evaluation for the time of ovulation in ewes treated with norgestomet and pregnant mare serum gonadotropin during the spring and fall breeding seasons
B.E. Cardwell, G.Q. Fitch and R.D. Geisert, pp 163-166

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