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Previous Undergraduate Research Scholars

Animal and Food Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholars from previous years.

2018-2019 Undergraduate Research Scholars

Emily Bechtold (Wentz Research Scholar)
Mentor: Ranjith Ramanathan
Project: Species specific myoglobin oxidation and reduction.

Sage Becker (Goldwater Scholar)
Mentor: Glenn Zhang
Project: Development of immune-boosting alternatives to antibiotics.

Logan Biggins
Mentor: Adel Pezeshki
Project: The effect of Herbanimal supplement as an alternative to antibiotic use on performance and total antioxidant capacity of broiler chickens.

Wyatt Catron
Mentor Darren Hagen
Project: Determination of allelic variation responsible for dwarfism in Hampshire lambs.

Cameron Cavalliere
Mentor: Udaya DeSilva
Project: The effects of RNA factors on dark cutting beef.

Jordan Cowger (Wentz Research Scholar 2018-2019)
Mentor: Glenn Zhang
Project: Characterization of host-defense peptide inducing compounds in human HT29 cells.

Adelle Crofford
Mentor: Darren Hagen
Project: In vivo confirmation of cross-kingdom regulation.

Samantha Howe (Niblack Research Scholar)
Mentor: Udaya DeSilva
Project: Isolation and characterization of naturally occurring bacteria from equine uterus.

Larissa Kozlowski (Wentz Research Scholar)
Mentor: Chris Richards
Project: Beef cattle selection and management of adaptation to drought.

Cade Lemons
Mentor: Peter Muriana 
Project: Antimicrobial validation of post-packing pasteurization of listeria monocytogrens in packages of sliced turkey and ham.

Ty Montgomery
Mentor: Glenn Zhang 
Project: Bioinformatic analysis of chicken gut microbiome associated with growth performance.

Jessie Payne (Wentz Research Scholar)
Mentor: Danielle Bellmer
Project: Encapsulation of algal proteins to improve sensory properties.

Charley Rayfield (Wentz Research Scholar) 
Mentor: Ravi Jadeja 
Project: Additive effects of paraacetic acid and sodium acid sulfate to reduce E. coli O157:H7 from beef trimmings.

Morgan Sarchet
Mentor: Divya Jaroni
Project: Biofilm-forming capabilities and dispersal of wild type E. coli O157:H7, using various chemical and bacteroiphage treatments.

Madelyn Scott
Mentor: Ranjith Ramanathan
Project: Meat quality parameters with different pH levels.

Angelica Smith
Mentor: Andrew Foote
Project: Insulin signaling and growth efficiency in beef cattle.

Nicole Stevenson
Mentors: Blake Wilson & Janeen Salak-Johnson
Project: Metaphylaxis in beef cattle

Sarah Vue (Wentz Research Scholar)
Mentor: Glenn Zhang
Project: Natural antibiotic alternatives to boost animal immunity and disease resistance.


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Ranjith Ramanathan

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